Projektmanagement, Organisation und Sponsoring für VideoInstallation „the CUBE“ der Künstlergruppe Artists Anonymous auf der Scope Art Fair, Basel

(8x8x8m aufblasbarem Kubus mit zwei 10.000 ansi Lumen Beamern)

Gesamtvolumen: ca. 35.000 €, eingeworben durch Sponsoring: ca. 20.000 €

Hauptsponsoren: Samsung, Vanity Fair, Park Avenue, Der Spiegel, Pro7, AD (Architectural Digest), H.O.M.E.


"The SCOPE fun starts as soon as you exit Art Basel to find your way there. There's a shuttle bus, I am told, but much more bracing is the five-minute ride in the back of one of SCOPE's free pedal rickshaws that takes you the length of the Mattenstrasse. As you approach, you see a big black inflatable structure that looks as though it belongs at a street fair. It turns out to be The Cube, a giant television set on which Berlin artist/gallerists Artists Anonymous are presenting their randomly mutating video piece Kammerspiel."